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Incredible Marijuana Facts

Marijuana facts are as numerous as the myths and sometimes it is hard to clarify marijuana facts from fiction.

What follows are many incredible hemp and marijuana facts.



  • During the 1930s, the American media propagated numerous false stories as marijuana facts and depicted weed as an extremely dangerous drug, thus marijuana and hemp were effectively banned in 1938.
  • Hemp has an estimated 50,000 non-drug commercial uses including paper, textiles, fuels, food and sealants, but these uses are also banned by existing laws.

Medicinal Marijuana Facts:

  • No one has ever died from marijuana use.
  • Marijuana does not lead to physical dependency.
  • Marijuana is less dangerous than tobacco and people smoke less of it at a time.
  • No independent government panel that has studied marijuana has ever recommended jail for users.
  • Marijuana leads to non-violence and pacifism.
  • Marijuana for medicinal use is also gaining renewed recognition.
  • Marijuana is a medicinal herb that has hundreds of proven, valuable therapeutic uses – from stress reduction to glaucoma to asthma to cancer therapy, etc.
  • Marijuana was a major active ingredient in 40-50% of patent medicines before its ban.
  • Marijuana could replace at least 10-20% of prescribed drugs now in use.

These marijuana facts are but a few of the many more unheralded marijuana facts that different authorities have attempted to keep from the public.