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Mexico grants first permits for marijuana use

Mexico City – 11 December 2015
1. From left to right on screen: Pablo Girault, Armando Santacruz and Juan Francisco Torres Landa, standing outside Mexico’s medical protection agency holding permits to grow and possess marijuana
2. Close of permits issued by Mexico’s medical protection agency
3. Various of Girault, Santacruz and Torres Landa holding permits
4. Torres Landa addressing media
5. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Juan Francisco Torres Landa, one of four plaintiffs who received permit to grow marijuana:
“No that’s not the objective (the consumption of marijuana). The objective is to change the law, not to promote consumption. And we are going to set the example, we are not going to consume it. Why? Because we have enough information to make a responsible decision, but based in our own beliefs, not because of the state’s threat.”
6. Girault, Santacruz and Torres Landa speaking with reporter
7. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Armando Santacruz, one of the four plaintiffs who received a permit to grow marijuana:
“We think the responsible thing would be for the legislative (power) to take action on this matter and eliminate those articles that are undermining the Mexicans’ human rights”
8. Patricio Caso, legal adviser for Mexico’s medical protection agency, addressing the press
9. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Patricio Caso, legal adviser for Mexico’s medical protection agency:
“We have reviewed 155 (applications to get authorization to consume marijuana,) which we already know that they are requesting. We will continue receiving them. But in the end the legal framework continues to apply – the prohibition regarding marijuana consumption continues to apply, this is an important message to (disseminate to) the population.”
Mexico City – 4 September 2013
10. Various of marijuana plants at a hydroponic greenhouse
The Mexican government on Friday granted the first permits allowing the cultivation and possession of marijuana for personal use.
The federal medical protection agency said the permits apply only to the four plaintiffs who won a favourable ruling from the Supreme Court last month. The court said growing and consuming marijuana is covered under the right of “free development of personality.”
The permits issued Friday won’t allow smoking marijuana in the presence of children or anyone who hasn’t given consent. The permits also don’t allow the sale or distribution of the drug.
Three of of the four plaintiffs picked up their permits Friday but said they don’t plan to use the drug.
Juan Francisco Torres Landa said he filed the suit with the objective of changing the law, not to promote consumption.
The court’s ruling doesn’t imply a general legalization. But if the court rules the same way on five similar petitions, it would then establish the precedent to change the law and allow general recreational use.
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