About Us

Eastern Canada’s largest seed bank has come to build it’s reputation on quality, service and reliability. With an infinite appetite for the finest seeds, William’s Wonder searches the globe for the highest quality strains.

In two words we can define our service, “we deliver”, where others have failed, we have reached the four corners of the world. And lets be honest, this is a profitable business, there is no denying it, so why not make the best of it. Why not build a company with standards to perform with excellence, it benefits the company and most importantly, the customer. We have no need to pull a scam or cheat any of our clientele, as we are solely dependent on you.

Rest assured, all our seeds are of the finest quality, from the finest breeders in Europe and from all around the world. Some items will naturally sell out only for the reason that we do not believe in retaining high quantities of stock. As seeds do have a life span of about 2 years, we ensure freshness in all our stock by holding smaller quantities and at the same time allowing for a more extensive variety.

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