Marijuana Growing Questions 

When should I start outdoors?
For several reasons! If you are starting outdoors June 1 is perfect.

Plants started in early spring will get big but they will take significantly longer to start flowering.  This is because at the peak vegetative period they sense the light cycles getting longer and longer, until June 21.  But they don’t realize that its time to flower yet.

Finally in the middle of August the plant says “HEY” “time to flower already” and it produces buds in August and September or later they will be tall as trees but thinner buds due to the fact that the sun is not as strong in September.  Now if the plants were put out later, as soon as they get a foot off the ground they say “what’s going on” I am just in early veggie and the light hours aren’t getting longer in fact SHORTER” Then the plants go crazy and since the sun is so bright in July and August you get amazing 6 foot trees that are heavier than the plants started in April!!!  in addition to finishing earlier the late started plants are not nearly as noticeable.

I live in the US can I order seeds?
Yes but check your local laws first. There are exemptions for medical patients in several states.

Has anyone been arrested for ordering seeds in the mail?
Not to my knowledge and definitely not for ordering from us. In the cases where seeds are seized by customs (usually from Holland) they forward a letter stating that cannabis seeds are illegal to import (if you intent to grow), the seeds were destroyed in testing and that no further action will be taken.

How many seeds do I need to produce 1 big fat plant?
One seed is able to grow into a huge marijuana plant producing up to 4 pounds of sweet dried manicured buds. However only females are regarded as valuable smoke. So plant more than twice what you would like to finish with. Also it is best that each seed be given its own space to grow correctly.

Can marijuana really grow in a northern climate?
Marijuana plants can grow anywhere corn can grow.  All it needs is three growing months.

Why do I have to buy seeds? Why can’t I use my own that I picked from my own stash?
Most people desire, and want to be guaranteed, certain characteristics in their mature female plants. The seeds from any weed will all grow into something different. This is unprofitable and inefficient. As opposed to knowing the single set of requirements for all your crop, you must provide a different set of requirements for each of your plants.

Which varieties are the most potent?
All the varieties are quite potent however White WidowWhite Widow x SkunkHindu Kush, and  Black Domina seem to be the peoples favorites.

What is better for a new grower; hydroponics or soil?
I believe the all around “better”, more convenient setup is soil. Hydroponic grows  faster, yet does not produce extra potent buds. Hydro should be attempted after you have a few successful soil crops under your belt.
If you are starting from seed and growing for personal, soil is the practical growing medium. If the crop is started with clones and is commercial a hydroponics setup is more practical.

Why are my seedlings stretching?
Due to low light conditions. They also need a gentle wind. Plants will also stretch when subjected to conditions of high humidity.

What kind of lights should I use?
Cheap 4 ft. cool white fluorescent tubes : for germination/seedlings
400 watt halide/HPS : for personal home growers
1000 watt halide/HPS : for some personal growers and commercial growers. Recommended to properly replicate the power of the sun.
Use at least 40 watts per sq. foot of grow space.  Get lights online or at some local hardware stores or Hydroponics grow shop.

How far should the lights be from the plants?
fluorescence : tips of leaves almost touching bulbs
400 watt halide : two feet away from seedlings and one foot away from grown plants 1000 watt halide: four feet away from seedlings and two feet away from grown plants

How often do you water?
Once a week or once every two week for soil and twice a day with a hydroponic flood and drain system.  When top 2 inches of the soil dry out.  Occasionally provide periods of extra dry and wet soil.  Allow 10% extra water to drain out of the bottom of the tray.  This will prevent toxic fertilizer buildup.

How long do your seeds last? What’s the best way to keep them?
Seeds can last over 5 years if kept cool and dry. They may last up to 10 years if sealed and frozen, but it will be harder and less will germinate.