Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide!
What type of currency do you except?

We only except U.S. currency.

How long does delivery take?

Once we receive your order the Average time is 10 to 12 days in N. America. Delivery time is Approximately 2 weeks for anywhere outside of N. America. Time may vary depending on where you live and the efficiency of the postal service in your area.

Where is my order?
Before you email us, please check here in case your order may have been returned. Click here to view our policy on missing orders. We can only answer this question if you have included your initials, city, state, date posted and item codes ordered. Please make sure you include these details so that we can send you any information we have about your order.
Can you email me when my order is shipped?
Yes, only if you include your email address in your letter. If you don’t, you will have to check with us 10 days after sending your order. Email us and include the details we asked for above.
I have not received an email response from you?
Our email responses do get returned to us every now and then, please make sure your email settings are correct and that you have tested your email. If you do not hear back from us after 7 days, this is the reason. Try emailing us back after you have corrected this problem or by getting another email address from free email servers such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.
When do you ship my order once you get it?
We ship the same day we receive your order.

* Note: If your order arrives after 2:00 pm EST, on the weekend or during holiday’s when the postal system is closed, we ship the following morning.

Can I send my order using Express mail or Overnight Delivery?
No, do not use these services to the address we have listed. We have an alternate address for this. Please email us at:
Can you send my order using Express mail or Overnight Delivery?
We can only send Overnight Delivery in Canada on certain orders. Please email us ahead of time prior to placing order. We do however send Express Mail to the U.S. and Canada. There is an additional cost of $10 per item ordered.
Do I have to sign for Overnight or Express delivery?
Only Overnight Delivery needs a signature and someone should be at the receiving address to sign. If your order arrives on a Friday, your order can only be delivered the following Monday. Express Mail doesn’t require a signature.
Do you answer Growing Question’s?
We do not answer any Growing Questions.  Please visit our Growing Questions FAQ’s. You can also visit Overgrow and post your question or search for answers there.  You will be able to get more information there on any of your grow related questions.
Do you send Catalog’s?

We do not send catalogs. Our Online Seed List is updated daily.

What type of money order do I need?
Any international money order in US funds is fine.
Where can I purchase Money Orders?
Money orders can be bought at most banks and post offices. You can also find them (usually less expensive) at a Western Union office, convenience store or grocery stores. Only at the post office do you need to state it’s international (pink, not green in color), all other money orders are fine and don’t need to be specified as international.