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Are you aware that Marijuana Seeds are Legal to Trade in most countries?

It's much easier and safer to grow your own marijuana at home then getting it from someone on the streets. You never know what you are getting.  With the power of the internet you now have the resources and the ability to grow a few plants yourself in your own room or closet.

It's so easy that you wouldn't believe it was possible. Everything that you need to know about how to get started growing cannabis marijuana is on this website.  We've also included information on how you now can attain rare and exotic high quality marijuana seeds no matter where you are located in the world.

The Genetic Origins of Cannabis seeds strains

Although hundreds of regional sub-varieties have been developed by skilled home and professional marijuana seeds breeders, the foundational genetic stock of traditional cannabis seeds strains is well-known and respected. We can think of these genetic precursors as the basic colour palette from which breeders mix and match to create limitless diversity.

Origins and history of marijuana cannabis strains:

Afghani: These are some of the first seed types collected by European and American cannabis researchers during the 1960's hippie era. Afghani and Hindu Kush are indicas which grow fast, have huge leaves, and produce a skunky, mentally-crippling high. These two varieties have become very popular with many commercial growers. Still one of widely sold marijuana seeds strains online.

African: South Africa is becoming one of the world's top pot producers. Some experts allege that South African pot contains a deviant THC molecule which produces super-hallucinogenic highs. Durban Poison is a South African strain. The more northern parts of Africa also produce regional varieties; the further north you go, the more likely the strains are to be Indicas. Ghana is famous for its marijuana cultivation. Many african cannabis seeds, original strains and hybridized ones can be purchased online.

Cambodian and Chinese: these cannabis varieties are often problematic. In China, cannabis is cultivated for hemp fiber. In Cambodia, Vietnam and nearby countries, plants often tend to be hermaphroditic, which means that they develop male and female flowers and if left unchecked can fertilize themselves. Some breeders allege that using seeds from mostly-female hermaphroditic parents will produce seeds that favour the female gender. Unfortunately, such seeds also tend to be hermaphrodites, resulting in compromised floral development and resin production.

Columbian: also known as "Gold," was one of the original sativa imports that fueled the marijuana renaissance in North America during the 1960's. Ohhhh the sweet smell and taste with a mellow high that can’t be matched. Sativa all the way. I miss the mellow taste, not to mention the buzz from Columbian Gold. $40.00 an ounce those days. I remember complaining that Gold is all anyone ever had 🙂

Hawaiian: Island strains, such as Maui Wowie, used to be readily available. Then the DEA started a massive air war against Hawaiian growers, and these varieties became scarce. They are now used mainly in crosses, and often lean toward the Sativa end of the spectrum.

Jamaican: these mostly sativa plants are fast-growing and reputed to produce a stimulating high. Jamaican is probably the result of crosses of Indian ganja, which arrived with the Indian immigrants who came to the country. The term for marijuana in Jamaica is ganja, the same as in India. The traditional Jamaican term for the best weed is Kali, named for the Indian killer goddess.

Mexican: the war on drugs has severely afflicted Mexican indigenous production. Some of the best cannabis used to come from Mexico, but these days "Mexican Brown brickweed" has become synonymous with "schwag." Good Mexican is a Sativa offshoot, and even though its THC is degraded by bricking and shipping, it can be a potent and hardy plant when raised in captivity.

Thai: sometimes known as Thai Sticks, because this Asian sativa variety produces loose clusters which are often woven onto sticks of bamboo or cannabis stems. Often called Budha Bud Thai stick and came wrapped on a stick with a wierd green or red thread. One hit wonder for sure. Hybridized and crossed Thai marijuana seeds are still available on the Dutch online market.

Unless you buy from our list of trusted and recommended seed banks or breeders, it's hard to know for sure which of the above varieties you have in your private marijuana seed stash. The size and shape of leaves, maturation characteristics, and the visual appearance of floral clusters are some of the most reliable ways to determine what lineage your seeds come from.

We advise to buy marijuana seeds from Trusted Marijuana Seed Banks.

* This site must  advise all potential customers to check their national laws before placing an order. We do not want to induce anyone to act in conflict with their national law. We cannot be held responsible for those who do.

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