Marijuana Drying

To be sure your cannabis reaches its full potential you should make sure that you dry it properly. Chemical changes occur during drying that will increase the active ingredients. Bad drying however will decrease the active ingredients.One of the simplest methods of drying is to hang plants from a string, this allows air circulation and keeps the buds from touching anything. Sticky t.h.c. laden glands are easily dislodged so avoid too much contact with your plants.

Sometimes large colas are damp in the middle whilst brittle dry on the outside. Place these buds in plastic bags over night to even out the moisture content. Dried cannabis should be firm, springy and should not crumble when handled.Ideally the drying area should be around room temperature (low 70s] and in darkness. As about 75% of the weight of fresh cut cannabis is water ventilation and air circulation are also important to avoid any problems with mould.When your cannabis has dried to an acceptable level it can be stored in dark, airtight containers. Many people freeze their cannabis or keep it in the refrigerator, this helps prolong the freshness the same way it does with other herbs.Mould can turn a plant to black sludge overnight.

Make sure you open up big colas to check for grey moulds. Any plants found to be going mouldy should be separated from the rest, trimmed of the mould and quick dried.The first 3 or 4 days are the most crucial. Cannabis dried any quicker than this will often be harsh, brittle and of inferior quality to the same bud dried a bit more slowly. After 3 or 4 days you can speed up the drying if you really need to.Curing is a longer more drawn out drying period. The chemical changes that occur during drying are allowed to continue further so that the taste, strength and appearance of the cannabis is altered even more.