Marijuana Germination

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Marijuana Seed  Germination
An important part of marijuana cultivation is germinating your seeds properly. There are several different methods to seed germination. The method I am about to show you is one which is simple and can work well. First, get a paper towel. Soak it in warm distilled water, then ring out all the excess water that you can. Soak the seeds in the same distilled water for a half hour. Lay the seeds spaced out on one half of the paper towel. fold the paper towel over the seeds. Place the seeds / paper towel on a plate. Place a bowl upside down over the setup to maintain moisture and reduce light.better way is to use grow plugs, like what you would with cloning, they are a bit bigger than 1 inch 2.5cm squared. you push the seed in wet it and it usually works, leave it wet, not flooded, but never completely dry. this part is important especially if you just shelled out on seeds. wait till roots start to appear through the bottom. plant them. we always use fluorescent lights  but other lights can be used not too near at least 1/2 meter 1 1/2 feet.  keep damp (important)

Approximately 2 days you should see a crack. Your germination stage is then complete.


  • Never touch the seeds with your hands after you begin germinating, always use tweezers.
  • Once germination is complete, always remember to place the seeds sprout down.

Getting the best seeds is the only reliable way to get the best plants. Unless you have extensive plant breeding facilities, or are lucky, the best thing to do is buy some seeds that have been produced by an established seed bank.Germinate your seeds in pots of moist seed compost. Sow them 1 to 2 cm below the surface and water gently with p.h. balanced water. Cover the pots with clingfilm or place in a lidded propagator. Remove any cover when they sprout.Warmth means faster germination. Once planted keep seeds at around 70 degrees using a propagator or heating mat.

Don’t worry if you can’t heat them they should still sprout but it might take a week or two.Seeds from a batch of good cannabis will not necessarily produce good plants. If you don’t know both parents of the seed, or any of it’s history don’t rely on it producing buds as good as the bud it came from.Seeds can be kept for many years but they become less viable as time goes by. Store them in a cool dry airtight container for up to two years. For longer storage dry them well seal them in a container and put them in the freezer.Use deep pots that allow plenty of room under the seed so the emerging root can grow straight down. A root that curls too early can increase the chances of the plant becoming a male. Only females produce clumps of flowers known as buds.

You don’t have to use seed compost. Try pots of perlite or straight into cubes of rockwool. You can put the seeds between two wet paper towels, but be careful to plant them as gently as possible as soon as they begin to sprout.Female only seeds are produced by using stress or hormones like Gibrellic acid to turn part of a female plant male. Pollen collected from the male part is used to produce seeds that contain no male genetics. Hence female only seeds.

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