Medicinal Marijuana Growing

In Canada marijuana growing for medicinal purposes is legal.

Holders of an authorization to possess can also hold a license for marijuana growing or they can choose to have a designated person do the marijuana growing for them. Applicants are asked to indicate their preference on the application form (i.e personal or designated marijuana growing.)

A designated person for medicinal growing (or grower) must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Canada. A grower will be issued a production license and an identification card. A license is a required element of growing marijuana for medical purposes.

Plants can be grown indoors or outside, providing specific criteria are met. Growers must take the necessary precautions to protect plants and the dried marijuana from loss or theft. The amount of marijuana that can be cultivated and stored at any time depends on the daily dosage that has been prescribed by a physician and whether plants are grown indoors or outside.

Please remember that the above information is for Canada only. If you are thinking of professional marijuana growing you should check into your own country’s laws. Even though medicinal marijuana growing is gaining in popularity the actual growing of marijuana for medicinal or other purposes may not be legal in your country.