Ordering Information

For your own security we suggest you never have items sent to your own grow room.”

Ordering Procedures: Make sure when placing your order that you include: Variety Name’s, Quantity of seeds, Price and *Full return address! 
We have unclaimed orders from customers who forget to leave us their address!

Ordering Options:

  • Print yourself a fill out order form
  • Write it out by hand (example)
  • All prices are listed in U.S. currency
  • We accept Canadian & US currency for payment
  • Please add 30% if your planning on paying in Canadian currency

Cash or Money Orders: Print out your order. Double-check everything to ensure you get the right order and to the right address. You can enclose the print out with cash well hidden in an envelope or greeting card. We also accept international money orders, which can be purchased anywhere. You can find these at the post office, most convenience stores, grocery stores, banks and financial institutions. Only those bought at the US postal service have to be specified international (pink in color, not green). Money orders bought elsewhere are fine.


*All prices are listed in U.S. currency*

We do not accept any type of check.

When mailing in your order please write to:


Shipping Options:
First Class Mail –  (all countries) – Free
Express Mail  –  (U.S. & Canada only) add $20.00 US
Overnight Delivery  –  (Canada only) add $25.00 US

  • Make sure you use correct postage! (or else it will be returned)
  • Make sure you put a correct return address on the outside of the envelope.
  • Please don’t send us Fed-Ex, only regular mail or Global Priority!
  • U.S. Residents send Cash or Money Order!
  • International customers send Cash or Money Order. (Currency Converter)
  • For wholesale prices (500 seeds or more) E-mail Us with details.

Email Confirmation: If you are sending your order by mail, make sure it includes your email address if you wish to have confirmation when your order is sent. Please don’t email us after the fact and ask us to do so without an email address in your letter. It is impossible for us to associate the two. In the event that you did forget to include your email address, please wait 10 days after the date you posted your letter and email us with your initials, city, state, date posted and item codes ordered. Only this information will allow us to send you the information you want.

Stock Availability: A rare occasion may occur when an item can go out of stock during the time it takes your order to get here. For your convenience either include an email address so we can inform you or mark down an alternate selection.


Hand written Example;

It should look like this:

1) White Widow,  10 seeds $175.00
2) Mexican Gold, 5 seeds $40.00
3) Super Indoor Mix,  10 seeds $25.00Shipping Method = choose oneTotal = $$$,Order # = ##### (only if you used our shopping cart)

Name(Resident, Occupant, ect.)
123 Your St. Your town,
Your State Country and Zip Code



Estimated Time with Regular Delivery:
Europe, Australia, Asia and South America: 3 weeks
Canada: Allow approximately 2 weeks
USA: 2-3 weeks

Same day service guarantee: All orders are Guaranteed to be sent out the same day received!

For Express Service: Use Global Priority, average time, 5-10 business days! (US & Canada only)

What if order is taking to long: If it takes longer than the allotted time contact us immediately.

Sending Cash by registered mail: is perfectly fine, make sure you tape envelope and wrap bills well.

*Important Notes*

For your security: All deliveries are securely packaged and come in a small, unmarked discreet envelope. Seeds are well protected from crushing.

*Guarantee Same day Delivery* 
Orders are sent out same day payment is received.

*We guarantee Satisfaction*
We have some of the best genetics available. If you are not completely satisfied,  we will send you a new selection of seeds at no additional cost. *Must have proof of order, money order receipt.


If you have any questions, please E-mail us with details