Returned Letters

(if your order is missing and your initials are not posted yet, please check back shortly)

Initials – Date Sent out

I R – 08/25/2020

E K – 09/13/2020

T R – 10/21/2020

C M – 11/17/2020

F C – 11/29/2020

G W – 12/10/2020

Q I – 12/11/2020

J T – 01/14/2021

L S – 01/22/2021

I D – 02/25/2021

A D – 03/19/2021

F T – 03/25/2021

D F – 04/11/2021

S G – 04/17/2021

H W – 06/03/2021

A O – 06/15/2021

Missing Order Policy:

If your order is missing, we have a waiting period, usually 5 to 7 weeks.  Letters are usually  returned because a wrong address or wrong name is used. It can take up to five weeks or more for a letter to be returned to us, with that in mind we strongly advise that you be patient, so we can quickly help resolve the problem.

Please do not send us multiple emails for the same issue. Duplicate emails do not move you up the queue they only slow support down with having multiple requests for the same issue. Thanks!

If you find your initials listed here, please contact and include your initials, city, state, date posted  and item codes ordered so we can re-send.

Important note: If you forget to include all the specified details we will not be able to re-send your package.