Salvia Divinorum – The Divine Plant 

From the mint family, salvia divinorum is often used by shamans in Mexico to introduce an initiate into an altered consciousness as a preparation for psilocybe mushroom use.  The mental state salvia divinorum induces is quite similar to the “magic” mushroom experience only much milder and effects can last between 60 and 90 minutes.

A salvia divinorum dosage is 6-20 fresh leaves, rolled into a cigar-like shape, and chewed. There is a harsh “green” taste and the juice, which has a slight anesthetic quality, is held in the mouth as long as possible (~5 minutes) before swallowing. Subsequent salvia divinorum mouthfuls are then less bitter and easier to tolerate.

The effect of of salvia divinorum occur within 10-15 minutes and may include:

  • visual fixation (trance induction)
  • detachment from the environment
  • a brownish orange cast to the visual field
  • distinct sense of being in a different “world”.
  1. This may be perceived as an alternate, but equally valid interpretation of consensual reality, inspired by a Mexican culture rather than a modern western ambiance. In higher doses, repetitive images with geometric or organic motifs may appear in the visual field.
  2. There are no known physical complications arising from the use of salvia dininorum and it is considered episodic rather than addictive. Salvia dininorum is reportedly used to positively benefit people choosing to explore their own consciousness.
  3. The use of salvia dininorum is often considered to be a shortcut to certain mental states that are normally only achieved by years of spiritual practice and meditation.